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Hyper What Now?

Hyper vs Books... an absolute illusion, especially when we're talking about e-books. Which we are.

The Hyperbooks Project seeks to introduce the aesthetic of hypertext fiction/Twine games into an established marketplace: e-books. These works exist as hypertexts (freely playable online) and as hyperbooks available for purchase in all major e-bookstores. The aim is to introduce new readers to digital fiction through the familiar environments of e-books and e-readers/e-reader apps; similarly, to develop the expectation in readers that digital fiction is a commodity that should be purchased, rather than exploited in a "free-for-all" internet culture.

Wonderbox is actively seeking more submissions of hypertexts to be published in this model. If you are a digital writer with hypertext fiction or Twine games that you would like to submit for hyperbook publication, please contact me or submit them. I can take a text-based hypertext or Twine game and publish it as an e-book in all the major e…

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